Released June 2017

All songs written by Chad Walls except * written by Chad Walls & Sam Anderson
Recorded and mixed by Jonathan Wyman at Halo
Produced by Jonathan Wyman and Chad Walls
Mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway
Layout and design by Rowan Bishop at Bridge Street Design

Dedicated to our good friend Re. David Gray (The Punk Monk)

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Track Listing
1. My European Flat
2. Spirits in the Dwelling
3. Tonight She Sings for You*
4. Jazz Held the Traffic Back
5. The World Hears Gold
6. Centipede
7. Some City Center Phone Call
8. Iodine
9. Dandelion

Waverley is An Overnight Low’s most musically varied and richly-produced collection yet- Mike Dow, The Maine Edge

The three albums, named after train stations he frequented Euston, Piccadilly and now Waverley, wrap up the package with more clever songs that will please anyone who loved that amazing college rock we got from the later 80s into the early 90s (REM, The Posies, Blur).- Mark Curdo, The Phoenix

They make music on Waverley that’s intelligent, goes back to their Beatle influences and really good 80’s and 90’s college rock… Chad Walls and the crew make some cool records. – Spinout, WCYY

I feel that this group is really a group and consequently, the sound of this record is way different and, dare I say, more unique… everything on Waverly was played by the band as it stands and that puts a unique signature on it- Jonathan Wyman, Halo Studio

A big pop take with some confident elements. – We All Want Someone to Shout For

Waverley is a really uplifting collection of songs, even in those moments when it is dealing with darker themes. It’s a truly mature collaboration between musicians who are still in touch with their inner child – so are bold enough to name life’s games and free enough to have fun. –David Gray, Salford City Radio

“Waverley” builds on the themes of travel and identity and started with “Euston” and “Piccadilly,” the band’s first two albums. – Grant McPherson, The Courier

Old Orchard Beach man Chad Walls, who grew up in Biddeford and founded the band An Overnight Low, said the album, “Waverley,” will recount his experiences living in Edinburgh, Scotland, while earning his doctorate degree in education at the University of Manchester – Ben Meiklejohn, Mainely Media